"Dr. T. loves a challenge, and boy, did I give him one!  I went to see Dr. T after I had injured myself 15 months prior.  I had been seen by several doctors: 1 gastroenterologist, 2 neurologists, 1 neuropsychologist, 5 different GP's (general practitioners), 2 chiropractors and had 32 sessions of physical therapy and my condition had actually gotten worse.  I still felt like my body was "twisted like a rope".

One day I came across Dr. T's website.  What caught my eye was the number of difficult cases he had helped.  I decided to make an appt.  I am so glad I did!  I noticed improvement after my first visit.  I was so excited.  That was the best I felt since my original injury.

Dr. T. reflects a genuine concern for my pain and has been the only person who has taken the time to figure out what had happended to me and how he could help me.

Dr. T. is the best.

                                                                               Sally, 51

"Dr. Tang has that rare combination of innate talent, caring, and integrity that makes a great health care practitioner.  He has helped me where others have failed. I am very grateful."
Uma, 68

"I had a very sore neck and shoulders.  I was under a lot of stress and suffered from headaches daily.  I had suffered for many years and purchased a bottle of Advil before coming into the office.  Two and a half months later, the bottle is unopened (NO HEADACHES) and the balls of stress in my neck and shoulders are gone.  I recommend Dr. Tang because he is a wonderful healer and educator."
Celia, 27

"I have been seeing Dr. Tang for more than a year now and my quality of life has never been better.  Four years ago I developed pain along my left shoulder.  The pain went down my arm into my hand.  I was losing the use of my left arm because of the pain.

I went to my doctor and was told that the pain had to be coming from my neck because there was nothing in the shoulder that would cause that kind of pain.  For months I saw specialists who ran all kinds of tests only to be told that I was fine and the pain was all in my head.  I was so discouraged and depressed. 

My doctor finally suggested going to a pain specialist and I was thrilled and optimistic.  I was so naive.  Their answer, of course, was shots.  The shots helped, but they wore off and the pain started creeping back.  I went to a new doctor armed with my arsenal of test results and asked her what she would suggest.  She sent me to Dr. Tang.

Mind you, I was seeing a chiropractor when the pain initially started, so I was doubtful.  I showed him (Dr. Tang) all of the tests that had been done, described my pain, and my history of multiple car accidents.  Dr. Tang was very attentive to me, asking questions throughout the examination.  Then he said, "You have a rib out."  Those five words changed my life.  Pop!  Years of pain gone in seconds.  Relief, joy, peace, laughter, and healing are just a few of the things that came back into my life.

Dr. Tang is a rare find in this world of "get them in and out" doctors.  He is a kind individual who treats his patients as he would want to be treated.  From hot tea to soothing music, he has thought of everything to make his patients comfortable.  His knowledge of the human body is evident in every visit, as well as instructions on how to build up strength in my hurting parts.  I have come a long was and I know I still have a way to go to strengthen my body, but I know that I can do it with Dr. Tang's help.

Julie, 41
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